Link in Schedule email


(Jean-Luc Wasmer) #1


How can one remove the “View this data in Looker” link in emails sent by a Schedule?


(Jesus Cruz) #2

@jlwasmer At this time we cannot have the “View this data in Looker” link removed or disabled from scheduled emails. I will provide your feedback to our Product Team.


(Jean-Luc Wasmer) #3

Thanks @jesus.cruz, that will be great!

We have customers asking for their credentials! :confused:


(Ian) #4

also would be good to remove the “unsubscribe” link for internal mails, specifically where a user can unsubscribe on behalf of a whole distribution list address.

(Aleksandrs Vedernikovs) #5

Hi @IanT

This is totally legit request. I will pass this along to our product team.




Hi - I am also hoping to remove the “View this data in Looker” link from scheduled emails. Has there been any change on this since last summer?

(jonathan.reinhard) #7

Hi @wleftwich, yes it is possible to remove the links from scheduled emails. This option has been introduced in Looker 4.20, you can find the relevant release notes here.

You can also find out more about advanced scheduling options in our documentation here.


(Ian) #8

any latest with the removal of the unsubscribe link?

(jonathan.reinhard) #9

Hi @IanT,

This option is still not available but our product team is looking into it. Unfortunately I can’t give you a timeline when it will be available.


(Nolan) #10

Also wanted throw my hat in the ring. We’ve started using groups for emails distribution more frequently and was thrown when it stopped sending all of a sudden. Traced it back to what must have been someone unsubscribing.

Would love to remove the unsubscribe option to avoid this issue in the future!

(Aleksandrs Vedernikovs) #11

@Hi nolan-ga,

Will pass along this request. thanks for the patience.

(Nathan Meyers) #12

+1 I still don’t have this option in my looker instance. Chat support told me that it’s a white label feature. Is this true? I’m happy to include any sort of Looker branding in the email, but I don’t want external people asking for credentials/don’t want to send out an effectively broken hyperlink in every email.

(Izzy) #13

I don’t believe this is a white label feature, actually. You might be looking in the Admin panel for the setting, when actually, it’s in the schedule modal itself:

The feature did come out in 4.20, so if you’re on a previous version, you wouldn’t see it.

(Nathan Meyers) #14

Hey Izzy! I’m on a Looker hosted instance (6.6.14) and this option isn’t available to me under advanced options in the schedule modal. Any thoughts?

(Izzy) #15

I was actually just peering over @deepika.raghavan’s shoulder at your conversation, but I ran away like a coward since I didn’t have any thoughts.

I’ll play around with this a bit more and give an update.

(Izzy) #16

An incredibly minimal amount of digging by me (really all of the work done by @molly.lippsett ) has revealed the fact that this is the result of a bug! We’ve already fixed it but that fix hasn’t yet been rolled out to you.

Enjoy your shiny new Entomologist badge I’ve granted you for finding this :bug:. I’ll pop back with more on when exactly you’ll get that fix.

(Izzy) #17

@Nathan_Meyers, I can confirm this fix will be present in Looker 6.8, which you are scheduled to receive 1 week from today (next Wednesday, the 20th). If you need it to land earlier, let me know and I can start to get that ball rolling.

(Nathan Meyers) #18

Thank you! Looking forward to it.