Limiting Display Rows in Table

I would like to only display the top 10 or bottom 10 results from my data in a table.
When I Have the visualisation set to a bar chart, then i have an option to limit the rows, but not when I am using a table visualisation.
However, from this link: I should be able to do this, but I dont have the option. My options are limited to

Anyone else having this problem?



I can’t see this option either in the table (beta) visualisation. May be worth using the legacy table visualisation for now if possible (sure you already knew that but for completeness thought I’d mention it!).

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The reason is because you are using pivot, aren’t you? In this case there’s no single point of truth how to select the rows you want to display.

In this case you create table calculation with type yesno and use row() or any other logic, in order to limit the amount of rows displayed. Next use this table calculation to hide Nos from visualisation.


Nope, I am using a date dimension, with one measure (count) and a calculated field to calculate the running total - really simple. And I dont have the option to limit the rows when using a table visualisation. But when I switch it to a bar chart, then I get that option.
I want to show a table though, not a chart.

I dont agree with your point on pivot though. the row limited should literally just display a select number of rows in the visualisation, irrespective of what is happening in the data pane.

Also, I can’t use that trick to limit the rows, as I have a running total, that needs to show the cumulative total over time, with only the last 4 weeks displayed.

This feature used to be available in the old Table, but isn’t available in the new Table. I really miss this. The new Table has advantages in formatting, but I can’t really use them as I need the Limit Displayed Rows option…

I did not know that… thank you.
I’m new to Looker, and having come from SAS & Tableau, I find its quite a struggle.