Limit in Downloading and Scheduling in LookML Dashboard

(Ramesh Nukala) #1

I would like to download or schedule all results from the LookML dashboard. I did not define the row limit value in Query Parameters of the dashboard. When the dashboard is downloaded or scheduled, I am just getting 1000 records. The dashboard may return 100000+ records. How can I get all the results of the dashboard?

Looker release version:Release 5.8.6

Thank for your help in advance.

(Izzy) #2

Hi Ramesh,

I think the problem here is that the default option when you do not define the row limit is 1000 rows-- It has to be manually defined.

In the LookML for the dashboard, if you add limit: 100000 to the element in question, then that dashboard will now return all 100k rows when downloaded/scheduled as a CSV.

This will also of course make all 100k+ rows show up on the dashboard itself, which might be a little slow in a web browser, just so you’re aware.

Hopefully that accomplishes what you’re after!


(Arkadi Tereshenkov) #3

Hi, is there a way to control this? When a single table downloaded we can select all results there. Is there a similar option for dashboard as well? We do not want to show gazillion of records in the UI, but to be able to schedule the dashboard with all the data.