Legacy Features

(Carter Moar) #1

Note: Some Legacy Features are about to be removed permanently from Looker. Read about the End of Life Plans and Schedule.

Looker can iterate quickly! This is really important for us to be able to bring you new features at a rapid pace. Sometimes, we create a new feature or make an improvement that would ordinarily be a breaking change and cause problems in your workflow.

Instead of doing this, we have the concept of Legacy Features – features which remain for backwards compatibility with your existing workflows. This enables you to upgrade to new versions of Looker without encountering breaking changes.

These features will eventually be phased out completely, but their presence enables you to migrate away at your own pace.

The Legacy Features admin panel

Admins have access to the Legacy Features panel, where these features that have been phased out can be turned on and off.

When Looker is upgraded, any relevant Legacy Features are automatically turned ON. This means the old feature is still active. When you’re ready to move to the new feature, you can turn the old feature OFF.

We hope eventually all Legacy Features will be turned OFF.

If your company started using Looker after a feature was deprecated, that feature won’t appear in the admin panel and you won’t be able to turn it on. This prevents you from accidentally using features we have deprecated. The Legacy Feature panel won’t even appear if there’s nothing for you to configure.

I can’t turn off the Legacy Feature because the replacement doesn’t work properly!

We haven’t marked anything as a Legacy Feature without providing a full replacement for its functionality, so please let us know if there’s something wrong with the newer feature.

Can I leave Legacy Features on forever?

Legacy features are features we plan on removing in future releases of Looker. We strongly recommend moving away from their use. Legacy features can often be confusing or inconsistent, which is why they’ve all been replaced with something we think works much better.

We’ve published a full timeline of when we’re planning to remove these features, so you can plan ahead and migrate away from their use at your convenience.

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(Lawrence) #2

Do you still recommend using foreign_key or sql_on in joins?


I recommend using sql_on in joins now. foreign_key was mainly useful before symmetric aggregates, when the relationships of your joins were important to pay attention to for correct data. Now, since measures can be calculated through any join, I recommend sql_on because it is easier to see at a glance how the join is happening.