Jupyter notebooks + Looker

(Simon Clark) #1

A colleague suggested this as it’d be good to have e.g. data scientists leveraging Looker models directly for their work. I’m not 100% what would be required but I guess some Python code with some helper functions to help get at data from Looker via the API, making use of the LookML model(s).

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(Ian) #2

We have a fairly simple example of this and (I cant find it right now) there is a very similar version I came across on public github as well.


(Simon Clark) #3

Ah nice. I found this: https://github.com/llooker/python_connection/blob/master/API%20Call%20Template%20-%20Jupyter%20Notebooks.ipynb

So I guess my hack is done already? :laughing:

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(Izzy) #4

You could make it better!


(Manuel Sandoval Flores) #5

If you need any Python skills I am here! :slight_smile:

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