JOIN 2017: Introduce Yourself

(Joseph Long) #1

You’ve signed up to attend JOIN 2017 - we’re looking forward to meeting you!

An important part of any event is networking. So why not get the introductions out of the way first?

Let other attendees know who you are, what you do, and why you are coming.


<-- Brandon, from We white label looker as part of our platform enabling citizen analytics in the auto lending space. Went to JOIN last year and had a great time - tons of good information…good networking…and as always, great customer love from the Looker team.

If this is your first time coming, you wont be disappointed!


Hi I’m Shirley! Currently Analyst at eero, excited to join JOIN this year to learn more about Looker best practices!

(Jamie Norman) #4

Jamie, Head of Product at Comign over from the UK. We use powered by Looker to embed reporting and analytics into our hybrid Customer Data Platform/Marketing Automation suite. I’m looking to learn how we can extend our Powered by Looker offering to bring even more data value to our customers and meet som other Looker customer and share stories.

(Jonathan Palmer) #5

Jon, BI Lead and Principal Engineer at King, makers of the infamous Candy Crush, coming over from London. We’ve been rolling out Looker across all parts of the the business since January, from game studios through to performance marketing, finance and CRM. Looking forward to my first JOIN and particularly interested to chat to anyone working with a hub-and-spoke Looker approach and using Looker to explore multi-petabyte data sets via the likes of BigQuery, EXASOL and Impala.