JOIN 2017 - Deep Dive - Event Sessionization


(Arielle Strong) #1

Why is Event Sessionization important?

  • Event data is rich with behavioral indicators
  • Raw event data isn’t structured in the best format for analytics
  • Sessionization will add key elements to the data that allow us to better understand and optimize user experience, conversion rates, and user retention

Documentation and guides to implementing sessionization:

1. Basic Event Sessionization

Construct sessions out of individual user event streams in order to get an idea of how users flow through and engage with a site. By assigning a unique Session ID to each event, we can explore and answer some interesting questions to improve a user’s retention and conversion.

2. Custom Event Funnel

Once your event data is sessionized, a simple funnel explorer Block can help you visualize custom flows through your site.

You can view the entire slide deck here.