Issue embedding Looks with latest version

We’ve updated our Looker instances to the latest version and we are now seeing issues with our embedded urls. Essentially we load the embed url into an iframe (e.g.…) but when the request is sent to our Looker instance it returns a 302 redirect to an unsecured url http://looker.acme/embed/looks/12). Previously this wasn’t an issue. Is there a setting we are now missing or need to apply to get this to work?

Example screenshot showing network traffic

I would be surprised if this is related to an update to Looker— It sounds more like something that’d caused by a proxy or load balancer in front of your Looker, so checking there’d be a good first step.

I can confirm with engineers that no changes were made to anything relating to http/https forwarding! What looker version did you upgrade from/to?

It was indeed an issue with our LB! apologies, thanks for reaching out

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