Ipad Support

(Kyle Rourke) #1

Are there any plans to improve the experience on iOS? As a mobile employee I would love a world where i could leave my laptop at home and use my iPad but right now looker causes the browser to lock up and it doesn’t always render correctly. Thanks

(Kyle Rourke) #2

I should have also mentioned that iPhone support is pretty sorry as well.

(philip.martinelli) #3

Hey @Kyle_Rourke,

There currently isn’t a bonafide Looker app designed for mobile use, but it’s an idea I can share with the product team. Being web-based, you can view Looker in any mobile device’s browser, though as you hinted at earlier, this can cause content to be scaled/rendered differently than on a laptop/desktop device.


(Kyle Rourke) #4

Thanks Philip. I recently tried using Looker on an iPad pro and things went south pretty quick. All it took was changing the iPad from portrait to landscape and back and then it locked up. A dedicated App would be sweet.

(Steve Miller) #5

I agree… I am new to Looker being the director of data and an iPad app would make me more comfortable using it… at least give me a bigger sql editor window option on website please.

(leticia.esparza) #6

Hey @Steve_Miller,

Thanks for providing the feedback and additional context. I was sure to relay this to the product team on my end!



(Kyle Rourke) #7

One quick update. I tried looker on the new iPad pro that was released this week. It was very good from a perf perspective. It was not good on the previous iPad pro 10.5.

One ask for the looker folks. Looker still doesn’t perfectly render on iPad version of safari (it cuts of edges). Is there anyway you can spend some dev resources making the html lighter weight and do some testing on a physical iPad to see if it renders correctly?

(leticia.esparza) #8

Hey @Kyle_Rourke!

Thanks for taking the time to provide the helpful performance tip. Regarding the rendering issue, I’m wondering if this is something we’ve seen before. Would you mind sending an email to support@looker.com with screenshots of how the application is rendering on your iPad with Safari.