Introducing LAMS, a LookML style guide and linter

(Fabio) #1

Look At Me Sideways (LAMS), an open-source community-supported linter for LookML projects, is now available! LAMS’ goal is to help your team produce more maintainable LookML models.

The high-level features of LAMS include:

  • LAMS’s style guide alone can help your project, even without enforcement by the linter.
  • The linter can be configured to enforce rules from the style guide for all commits to your master branch.
  • The linter also allows you to conveniently specify custom rules to enforce.
  • In addition to enforcing rules, the linter also produces markdown files to help you navigate your project.

Interested? See a video of LAMS in action:

LAMS video

Ready to try it out for yourself? Visit the repo


Fabio's Opinionated LookML & SQL Style Guide / Ruleset