Internal SQL Server error when i run the delete query


(Katherine) #1

Whenever I try to run this delete query:

    delete from [Production].[dbo].[Package] 
    where [iVersionID] = 3258

I get the error message:

   21 row(s) affected
   Msg 8624, Level 16, State 1, Procedure Author_Delete, Line 55
   Internal SQL Server error

I am not if it a server issue or it is the query that is not working, as I tried delete query in other table and it was working ok.

(molly.lippsett) #2

Hi @katherineamt,

Where are you running this delete query, in SQL Runner?

Can you run this same query directly in your database?

My initial instinct here would be to look at the permissions on the user running these queries - perhaps they have rights to delete on the table that worked and not this one.

Also, curious, do you have a particular use case for needing to do this in Looker?