Internal SQL Error - Snowflake - 300002. Only occurs when view is created with a where clause


(Marcus Stone) #1

When I create a view from a view in my Snowflake database which was created not having any WHERE clause restrictions in the create view statement, I can easily access the data in Looker.

I continue to get the following error when I try to create a new view on the snowflake side with a where clause to split the datasets into two smaller views. (Basically separate the data in half on a T/F column).

The error reads as follows:
The Snowflake database encountered an error while running this query.

SQL execution internal error: Processing aborted due to error 300002:3813328482; incident 8540156.

Anyone experience this before? I have spent hours trying to fix this with no luck.

(molly.lippsett) #2

Hi @marcusastone,

Just to make sure I’m following here, where are you seeing this error? You said it’s when you “try to create a new view on the snowflake side” - so is that error happening in Snowflake?
If it’s happening when you try to create a Looker view from a Snowflake view, how are you going about that - using the “Create View From Table” option, or from a SQL Runner query?

The answers here will help us get to the bottom of what’s going on here.