Inter-Dashboard Navigation

(Sam Rockett) #1

So we are looking to replace some of our monthly report slideshows with dashboards instead, which we can happily do with text tiles for spacing, however I was thinking that what would be nice is if we could navigate within our dashboard using perhaps a navigation side-bar or something similar.

Perhaps this could be achieved by allowing us to set anchor links/IDs to different tiles so that we can hyperlink directly to them from a nav-bar or some other mechanism.


(Izzy) #2

That’s an interesting idea for achieving this, this feels to me like the easiest most low-hanging-fruit method of accomplishing it. It got me curious, so I downloaded a chrome extension “Display #Anchors” that shows every single anchor on a page. It gets kind of gross

but I tried it on a simple dashboard, and it actually showed anchors for the tiles:

So in this case, (you can actually try out that link!) will navigate you to the specific tile in question.

Maybe not the greatest option, and I think this feature request remains totally valid, but hey, it works! Kinda cool!


(Izzy) #3

Also, don’t forget to vote on your own Feature Request :wink:


(Izzy) #4

Further investigation has shown that the anchor changes everytime you reload the dashboard. Rats!