Integrate HR data for a better user experience

What do you want to build?:
Create a package/app to manage groups and user integrating HR data

What’s super cool about this idea?
Automatically pick up changes and no need to plan the permission as they flow through from the HR data!! Automation Automation <3

Introduce yourself quickly!
I am a BI analyst - not so bold on software development, but excited to give it a go!

Do you already have teammates or are you looking for some?
Looking for teammates!

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Hey @mzaccaron. This isn’t directly applicable to the problem you’ve outlined, but I recently started on a tool that allows you to push changes to groups, roles, permission sets and model sets via text files:

It’s not complete yet (and pretty ugly under the hood) but might be a possible jumping off point for something you describe? I imagine you could write something from the HR tool that generates the text (.yml) files and then run lookeraccess to push the changes to Looker.

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Hey @dylan.baker that’s interesting thank you I will check this out!

I snagged a sample HR dataset for you and threw it up on our instances, Martina.

You won’t have access until the event, but when you get access, check out

They’ll all be the same. It’s just some basic employee/title/organization/role dummy data that might help for modeling out your permissioning workflow :slight_smile:

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