Installing Chromium on AWS Linux


(Alex Gray) #1

Our entire platform runs on AWS Linux.
Amazon does not have chromium in its repos:

# yum list | grep -i chromium

Is there a recommended way to install chomium on AWS Linux for Looker?

I see the post here:

And tried running this command (which works, but doesn’t install anything):

sudo yum localinstall

Here I see that rpm is indeed installed:

# yum list | grep -i chromium
chromium-release.noarch              2.2-1                        installed

But grepping through the entire file system, nothing gets installed:

# find / -type f -executable | grep -i chrom

I ended up running some “wonky” script I found here:

Which basically says to run this command:

curl | bash

It seems to work fine:

/usr/bin/google-chrome-stable --version
Google Chrome 73.0.3683.75

And with a little symlink:

sudo ln -s /usr/bin/google-chrome-stable /usr/bin/chromium

I think this is good enough for looker to render pdf’s?

(Izzy) #2

Yup, installing chrome + symlinking is what we recommend in these situations where Chromium can’t be installed. Chromium is pretty much just chrome, so if you symlink them, Looker will be none the wiser.

If anyone else has a method for doing this, would love to hear it!

(vfx) #3

Hi Alex,

Did this work for you?

(Alex Gray) #4

You know, I can’t really tell so far. PDF’s are generating just fine on servers that don’t have chromium (it has phantomjs), AND PDF’s are generating just fine on servers that DO have chromium.

On both servers, “Legacy Rendering” is OFF.

I looked at the log for “phantom” OR “chrom” and nothing comes up, so I can’t tell what underlying tool (phantomjs or chromium) looker is using.

(vfx) #5

Maybe try this (or similar), it seems it’s showing the renderer:

cat /home/looker/looker/log/looker.log | grep "event:render"

(Alex Gray) #6

@vfx Yes! I found it! Thanks! So it looks like chromium is indeed working!

[INFO|00856|render] :: Running chromium rendering for job 8984f9b13996759b90ab4c82bbc357fe[3726]
[INFO|00856|render] :: Calling Chromium Renderer with options: ...
[INFO|00856|event:render] :: chromium_render:, type='pdf', target_type='wysiwyg_dashboard', render_success='true', render_message='Rendered successfully PDF', renderer_name='chromium rendering', pdf_paper_size='', pdf_landscape='false'
[INFO|00856|render] :: chromium rendering was successful
[INFO|00856|event:render] :: render_job by user 9:, target='dashboards', target_id='621', type='wysiwyg_dashboard', format='pdf', status='success', runtime='54.111804', caching_runtime='10.695207118988037', phantom_runtime='42.70564103126526', renderer_name='chromium rendering'

(vfx) #7

Happy to help :slight_smile: