Including Total Inside Donut Chart

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I thought this would be a very simple and intuitive thing to do, but for some reason, I absolutely cannot figure it out and cannot find this question answered elsewhere.

I have a donut chart that is divided into 5 slices. These slices are labelled as label-percent. The percent is a number over the total volume. I need to be able to display the total volume the percentage is being calculated from inside the hole in the donut for my dashboard.

Is there any way to do this? I do not see it in the same area where you choose labels, label type, or label customizations.

Thank you for all the help


(Izzy) #2

I’m moving this over to the feature request category as this isn’t possible to do yet. I agree it would be nice!

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(Yuthika) #4

Hi Izzy,

Thanks for your reply. Is there something similar I can do-- my use case is to display the volume the percentages on the pie chart are being derived from. I thought of adding it as a “note” on the tile once it’s on the dashboard but that would make it static. I need a dynamic method where the volume would change as the data coming in was refreshed.

Thanks for the help!


(Izzy) #5

In this case, I’d probably move towards something like a single value visualization on a small tile next to/above the donut that has the number you’re after.

It won’t be as pretty as if it were in the middle of the donut hole, but I bet you can get it looking not bad!

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(Yuthika) #6

This sounds like a good alternative for now, thank you for the reply