Importing all the data from Look into R

I am new to the Looker. I am running a look which actually has about ‘68000’ rows, when i try saving the look in Looker, only 5000(max amount) can be saved. I am using R to connect with the look in Looker and import all the data from looker into R. So, as i could only save 5000 results in the look so it’s just importing those 5000.
I want you to help me figure this out.
The code i am using in R to get the results from the look is:
dq=sdk$runLook(lookId = 4363).

So, my point is if i can save the look with all the rows in Looker then i can import the complete data into R.
Thus, i need help figuring this out.


Hey Hussain! Welcome to Looker :wave:

You can definitely pull more than 5000 rows via the API. The catch here, as you noted, is that you’re referencing a look (4363) and Looks have row limits associated with them in the UI. Normally, when you run_look() via the API, you can specify a limit that is as high as you’d like.

The limit functionality in LookR, however, is currently not working (more info here: but @Rich1000 created his own package that lets you export unlimited results to r! Give that a shot.