Import from flat file

(Mugdha Kotasthane) #1

Can Looker import from flat files like csv, excel, tab-delimited

(rufus) #2

Hi @mkotasthane,

this is not currently possible in a direct way. Looker doesn’t have an “import from Excel feature”. Depending on what you are trying to do though, there are a couple of options that might work:

  • Load that data in your analytics database. There are integrations for most databases that help load data from flat files into the database and that would make it available to Looker for modeling. There’s a cool example here of using a script in a spreadsheet to push data into an existing table.

  • If the table is static and small (just a little lookup table or something), you could manually add it into Looker as a derived table. Essentially you would just use a bunch of UNION statements to create the table. You might consider using Excel to generate the UNION statements for you. Although the query would look silly, if you persisted the derived table, it would have good query speed.

  • If using Google BigQuery, they provide the ability to treat a Google Spreadsheet like a table in a database. There’s an example of how to do that here.

Hope that helps!

(Raghav Mishra) #3

Hi is there any update on this? This kind of feature is really important for our organization. Thanks

(anakarina.lance) #4

Hi @raghavmishra

As of now, this isn’t possible. I’m happy to pass along feedback to our Product team about this. In the meantime, the suggestions my colleague made above are still the way to go to get data from flat files like csv, excel, etc. into Looker.