IDE Folders - losing changes when not clicking CANCEL

I enabled folders in our project and I seem to have noticed a weird behaviour:

  1. Click a view inside a folder
  2. Click to a different view
  3. Get a prompt : “You have unsaved changes. Are you sure you want to leave this page?”
  4. Click CANCEL

Outcome: I see page with Requested file failed to load instead of the file. If I click on that view again the changes are gone

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Yep … seeing the same behavior here as well …

Only worse: on some files I get the dreaded “Requested file failed to load” error and I can’t get to my file contents untill I restart my looker instance …

I really like the folders, but this is sort of annoying :-/

Yes very often it hangs at “Requested file failed to load”

I found that dragging the file to the “Root” location of the project allows you to get to the content of the file again, without having to restart your instance …
After editing, I move it back to where it belongs …

I’m using this approach as a workaround to avoid having to restart my instance over and over again …

I can’t seem to reproduce this— Which means it’s either already fixed, or I’m doing something wrong. Can you reach out to us at with your Looker version, and log files for times where this happened?

We’ve been afflicted by this since enabling Folders on a project in 6.16.

I reported it a week or so ago and was informed a day or two later that it is already fixed in 6.18.