How to split a number with dots in a column

Hi! :slight_smile:

I have this column in my table which I can’t change the format.


Actually, this should be an ordinal number, that’s what I am looking for to do.

The 1st part (17) is useless.
After that, I need to use to 2nd and the 3rd number and apply them a formula in order to find out the ordinal number.

298.3 is (298-3)*15+20
46.1 is (46-3)*15+20

My biggest problem here is how to split the column in order to get 3 “new” columns.

Someone could help me, please?

Thanks a lot!!!

It begs for some regular expressions functions in Looker :smiley:

Is the first “useless” number always 2 digits?

You can try split function in your dimension, this works for snowflake DWH.

Blockquote select split(‘’, ‘.’)[0];
select split(‘’, ‘.’)[1];

I’d say yes

I’ve found a work around guys, do not spend more time in my case please xD
Thank you for your help!

We’d love to hear what you wound up doing!

Well, it’s not that exciting… sorry. We’ve built a quick new table with the translation of those numbers.
A simple JOIN translate everything for me. :slight_smile: