How to specify looker log directory

We are currently using 6.12.26 of looker.jar:

$ java -jar looker.jar --version

How do I tell looker to use a different directory for its logs?
Currently, it is: /home/looker/looker/log/
We want to change it to: /var/log/looker/

I don’t see any options to change the directory:

$ java -jar looker.jar --help | grep -i log
  --log-level=<s>                                          Log level (default:
  --log-to-file, --no-log-to-file                          Send log output to
                                                           looker log file
  --disable-db-log                                         Disable logging of

Any ideas?


Hey Alex, you can’t change the log directory that Looker writes to right now. You could totally set up a cron job to tidy them up and store them elsewhere, though.

Out of curiosity, why are you moving them to /var/log? Do you have an external logging platform that checks there?

Thanks for the reply, @izzy!
We have dedicated 100G EBS volume mounted at /var/log/.
Basically, if for some reason the app starts spewing a bazillion logs, it will fill up the /var/log volume, but won’t affect the running app itself. In other words, the app won’t die… only its ability to write its logs).

We do have a cron that tidy’s up its logs (and we also ship logs to a centralized location (loggly)), but we’ve had to keep re-tweaking the cron to be more and more aggressive as we get more and more traffic.

What we ended up doing is creating a symlink of /home/looker/looker/logs to /var/log/looker/, which did the trick.

Clever! Guessing at our perspective: This may be an easy lift engineering-wise but also could pose a complicating factor in troubleshooting, running the scripts our support team uses, regular maintenance, etc.

If symlinking is a reasonable solution for you, that’s awesome.