How to Send All Results of Query to Segment


(Alicia Gansley) #1

I am working on integrating Looker and Segment. I would like to pull certain data about our users all at once into Segment from a Look. However, I’m struggling with how to send the data from Looker to Segment because of the 5000 row limit. Is there a way to override this limit in sending the data to Segment? We’re using the postgresql dialect, which does stream.

(Paola) #2

Hey @agansley, the row limit for scheduling to Segment is currently 5k. But I can pass your feedback along to our product team!

(Richard) #3

Oh, we we’re about to start using this as well but the row limit essentially makes the feature useless!

(Aleksandrs Vedernikovs) #4

Hey @Rich1000

This is still a limitation. However as Paola mentioned above our product team is aware of this limit and working on making it much more useful. Thanks for pointing it to us.



(Rjnordeen) #5

Any update here? Agree w/ the limit this feature is not nearly as useful… :frowning:

(David Chiaramonte) #6

Hey there @rjnordeen!

It looks like this limitation was updated in version 5.16. If running that version or newer, you should be able to send all results of a query to Segment! Let us know if you have any other questions regarding this topic.


(Rjnordeen) #7

I guess the issue is that if you use table calcs then you cant go over 5k which would be understandable but the issue is that table calcs are required to rename the fields sent to segment so you cant both name your fields and send over 5k

(David Chiaramonte) #8

Hey @rjnordeen,

To better troubleshoot the specifics of your issue, would you mind sending an email to detailing your situation? That way, we can get a better understanding of your use case and go over some potential solutions or workarounds!