How to publicly embed visualizations and data tables


This is how to publicly embed the visualization for a Look in an <iframe> so it can be displayed in a separate HTML document or as a link by itself in the browser.


  1. Your Looker Administrator must have enabled Public Access for you to do this.
  2. You must be in production mode in order to get the embed URL for a Look as a table or visualization.

##How to Embed a Visualization Into an iframe

  1. If you have already created a visualization for the Look that you would like to embed, open Spaces, select the Space your Look is in, and click the gear to the right of your Look name. In the menu that opens, click Edit. Skip to step 5 of these directions to continue.

  2. If you have not yet created the visualization you would like to embed, open Spaces, select a Space, and open the Look you wish to embed.

  3. Open the Visualization section of your Look, and modify the visualization to your liking.

  4. Go to the Edit page for your Look. You can do this directly from Explore by clicking the gear in the upper left and then selecting Schedule. Hit Save and Schedule in the window that pops up.

  5. Enable Public Access for the Look by checking the Public Access box. Hit Save.

Note: If you don’t see the Public Access checkbox, refer to Why can’t I see the make public option for my Look?

  1. Copy the link that appears in the Embed Visualization section. You can also embed a table by copying the link in the Embed Data Table section.

  2. Paste this inline <iframe> into the HTML code where you would like the visualization to appear.

##Viewing an Embedded Visualization without an iframe

You can also view the embedded visualization without inserting it via an html iframe by pasting the embed link in your browser. For example, if your iframe link looks like this:

<iframe src="" width="600" height="338" frameborder="0"></iframe>

You can view just the embedded visualization by pasting just the URL into your browser:

This will look something like:


How to privately embed visualizations and data tables
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(Conr) #2

Hey @lindsey we were wondering if you could help; Embedding the iFrames into looker makes our Webpage Huge (around 100mb)

Is their anyway to limit the memory the iFrame needs for just a single tile or so?

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@Conr This isn’t currently possible, but I’ll pass this on to our product team!


(Dan Groman) #4

Was there ever an update on this issue?


(quinn.morrison) #5

Hi @dgroman1988

There is not currently a timeline for adjusting the memory used in embedded iFrames. However, our product team is aware of this issue, and I can certainly let product know that this a capability you would like to see in Looker.




(Tori Coyne) #6

Hi there! Is this only possible with Looks or can you also do this with Dashboards? We’re trying to integrate our Looker Dashboards with a digital display in the office (Enplug) and it requires embedded iFrames. Thanks for your help!


(Izzy) #7

You can’t publicly embed Dashboards as of this time— If you’re using a display in your own office, you could probably do a private embed of the dashboard and just log into Looker on that computer. You’ll probably have to re-log in every 30 days as that’s the max session time, but it seems like an easy solution.


(Mona Jain) #8

There is a change in step 5 I believe, After enabling the Public URL’s from Admin Page settings.
Navigate to the look and click on the gear option of the look and select Edit Settings and turn on the Public access and hit save and then you can see the list of all embedding’s possible for a Look.

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