How to manage release email preferences


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Looker release emails are generally sent to those who opt in to “Looker product updates” (prior to Looker 5.14) or “Product feature updates” (Looker 5.14+). Check out this post for complete details.

To unsubscribe, uncheck the box. In releases prior to Looker 5.14, preferences were managed at the instance-level; Looker did not maintain any central repository of email addresses for release notes. In Looker 5.14+, subscriptions are managed in the Preference Center.

OK fine, but how do I do it?

To manage email preferences, click the picture in the upper left and select “Account” (in older releases it may be “Settings”). From there, you can either uncheck ‘Subscribe to Looker product updates (about once a month)’ or click ‘Manage your email subscription settings.’ to go to the Preference Center.

What if I’m receiving notes and I don’t even have a Looker account?

Administrators on your instance can ensure that certain individuals or email aliases always receive release notes. To do this, you can add an email address as a Technical Contact in the General Settings section of the Admin panel.

This is a great option if you have a group that manages software updates (say, or want to ensure that someone who owns your Looker deployment receives release notes every month (say,

How do I stay on top of new features?