How to load test Looker using LocustIO (solved)

(Drew Gillson) #1

Load Testing Looker’s API with LocustIO

This locustfile can be used to generate many simultaneous requests that download look results from the Looker API.

How to get started

  • Fork and clone this Github repository
  • Install LocustIO
  • Create a config.yml file with your API connection credentials
  • From your working directory, start:
    locust --host= (the host must match the name of a node in your config.yml file)
    • You can also run locust distributed with multiple workers and really shake things out :muscle:
  • Now, visit to summon some locusts
    • You can simulate hundreds of simultaneous users
    • Each user will request results for random looks from your instance
    • If you want to change the behaviour, modify

Request Statistics

The LocustIO web interface will show you request timing statistics for each look:

Performance Charts

As well as correlated charts for requests per second, response time, and number of users:

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Good one, Thanks !