How to limit a visualization using table calculations


Let’s say you are performing a calculation that requires a large number of rows in the query, but you only want to display a small subset of those rows in the visualization. You can do this by creating a table calculation that only returns Yes for the rows you want to see in the visualization, and then using Hiding No’s from Visualization for that table calculation.

For example, in order to only see the first 10 rows in my visualization, I can create a table calc like this:

row() <= 10

This will return Yes for the first 10 rows, and No for all the other rows. I can then select Hide No’s from Visualization from the gear dropdown for this table calc column like so:

Now I only see the first 10 rows in my visualization:

Excluding the first row in a table of time series data
(Matheus) #2

It would be great if one could also choose which range of columns would be displayed in the visualization, similiar to the limit displayed rows option

This is pretty useful in cohort analisys, when you need to make calculations using all the avaiable data you have, in order to calculate historic means, and then compare this mean with last cohorts observations.

So far, i have ovecome this limitation unselecting the data series i want to hide and hiding legend, but this makes difficult to recognize cohort’s labels.

(Aleksandrs Vedernikovs) #3

Hi @matdeof,

Thanks for bringing this up. I can see totally solid use case for it. I will let our Product team know about your comments. For time being you would still have to use the workaround you have found.



(Matheus) #4

Thanks @Aleksandrs_Vederniko, that would be great!