How to get vector_thumbnail image via Looker API

I’m trying to write code to get dashboard thumbnails image via Looker API.
I can get the image through the web URL https://lookinstancexxxx/api/internal/vector_thumbnail/dashboard/98

Dose Looker API have function to get the dashboard thumbnails image?


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Hi @lumiaowpi,

We don’t have an external endpoint for this at the moment, though I’ll definitely pass on your feedback to our product team that this would be useful! If you’d like to pass on any details of your use case, I can pass those along as well.


We are integrating Looker Embed Dashboard into our application. We’d like to display the dashboard thumbnails image and the customer can click the image to open dashboard.

Thanks @lumiaowpi!

I’ve passed that use case on to our product team. The current thumbnails don’t actually use the query data from the dashboard tiles, but are rather loose approximations of the dashboard layout, so a workaround for the moment might be to use static images in text tiles that you could pull and link to dashboards.

Thanks @molly.lippsett . Can i use Looker API to get the static images in text tiles?

Hi @lumiaowpi,

It is not currently possible to get static images via text tiles. This is because text tiles do not have a query id and therefore cannot be called via the API. Also, it is likely that the image being used is publically accessible.

Alternatively please see this doc on sharing images using the URL public share setting.

Hoping this helps,

Bernard Kavanagh