How to get the 'place name' based on Location data?


I have only the location data (Latitude and Longitude). Using that information I would like to calculate the name of the location dynamically. Any suggestions on how to do that ?


Hey @nathan1 that is an interesting use case!
We have an article on achieving the similar process, just the other way around where we extract the value to a Google Sheet, then call the Google Map API to get the values we want, and then with BigQuery read the output directly into Looker:

In your use case you would want to use Reverse Geocoding list showed here:
I hope this helps!

thanks @romain.ducarrouge this helps.

Hey, Nathan1,

did u manage to accomplish what u were trying?
I’m somewhat newbie to programming and couldn’t quite understand what we could in order to achieve the place’s name based on Location data