How to find the best item in each year?

(Krishna Potluri) #1

Here is my data schema:

This is a dataset with information about all the video games and related data. ‘name’ field represents the game and ‘Global Sales’ has total number of sales for a particular game world-wide.

I want to display the best game (most sold world-wide) of every year. How can I do that?

(leticia.esparza) #2

Hey @krishpotluri,

I hope all is well! Could you please clarify what we mean by “best” in this case? Feel free to provide an example of what would be considered “best” in the context of these explore fields.

It looks like the Year of Release dimension and the Global Sales measure will play a role here. What field represents a Game and how is a game going to be considered the “best”?



(Krishna Potluri) #3

“Name” represents a game! And by ‘best’ I mean, most sold game.

I want to show the most sold (worldwide) game of every year.

Sorry my question wasn’t clear, updating the post!

(Sean Higgins) #4

When you want to compare two attributes of data, consider pivoting. Looks like you could select Name, pivot on Year of Release and select Global Sales as your Measure.

This would give you something like this:

Here you can see the breakdown of Brand (equivalent to your game ‘Name’) by Year (which would be your ‘Year of Release’). It’s ordered by Count (comparable to your ‘Global Sales’ metric, which determines what’s considered “best”).

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