How to display comparison of many entities

Does anyone know of a good way to compare many entities in one visualization?

Example: I need to provide users with a way to compare different organizations’ profits over a few years. The idea is to allow them to quickly scan trends across all the organizations and spot which orgs look interesting and should be drilled into.

So I’m using an Org dimension, a Year dimension, and a Profits measure. The issue is that there are 20+ Orgs with a wide variance in Profits. When I display as a stacked line chart, the Orgs with extremely high profits force all of the other lines to flatten out, and its impossible to view trends with this many lines.


I also thought about doing a pivot table with conditional formatting to show trends over the years for each Org, but conditional formatting doesn’t work on a row by row basis. So that doesn’t actually help with viewing trends within a single Org.


My ideal solution would be something like this, I think. But I don’t think that’s possible in Looker (screenshot example is from Tableau)

Anyone have any ideas?

You might try a table calculation Profits/max(pivot_row(Profits)) (or use the min or mean or median or something else instead of the max) if all you care about is the trend.


Thanks Menashe! Your comment got me thinking and I ended up making a measure for % change from previous year. I’m using html to display both the Total $ and % Change in the table, and conditional formatting is based on % Change. The color gradient works a lot better and it’s easier to spot irregularities (i.e. huge swing pos. or neg. from previous year).

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