How to create Column SubTotal in Pivot Table?

Hi everyone,

Need help to create SubTotal column in Pivot Table (by certain column, as example below is by Month). Is there any options in visualization or maybe LookML tricks to generate those columns?
As far as I know SubTotal only available in Row.

Subtotals in visualizations are only available in rows, but if you’re already using the Table-next table, you can move columns freely to create this exact kind of visualization.

The “SubTotal” table calculation here is just summing columns using pivot_index(). It’s not the most automatic approach, but there are other people on this forum with REALLY clever table calculation workarounds to do this automatically. If anyone has a great idea for this kind of subtotal, share it!

Hi Izzy,

Thanks for your response. It is unfortunate Looker doesn’t have this standard yet commonly used on pivot table figure. Hopefully they will add in the future.

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