How to combine a Stacked Column graph with a line?


(Daan Visker) #1

I have faced this issue a few times now and accepted the probability that it is not possible in Looker. Now that a new, similar, request rises again, I decided to ask it here.

I would like to make a Chart that stacks some values in columns, but put one (or more) values as a line along the stacked columns as seen below.

This combination of columns and lines seems to be only possible with Grouped columns, as seen in the image below.

Does anyone have an idea if this can be done?

(Carl Saffron) #2

Hi DaanIF,

That is an excellent question!

This article goes over how to create mixed visualization types, but there currently is not a way to have stacked columns with a line visualization. The columns would have to be grouped.

I’ve let our product team know this is something you want.

(Ravi Mody) #3

Seconding this request! I think stacked + line plots make a natural double y-axis plot, and is something we have in our current non-looker reports.

(Rob Brown) #4

+1. I’ve been constrained by this limitation, too

(Talal) #5

Thanks for your feedback @ravimody and @r.brown! I’m going to notify the product team about this.

(Gurdhir Shergill) #6

+1 this is one of the most useful visualizations that would be great to add to looker visualization tool kit.