How to change background color for dashboard

(himanikala) #1

How to change background color for dashboard

(Brecht Vermeire) #2

@himani.kala, this is something that’s not possible in Looker, but I’ll pass on your feedback to our product team. Any other questions - let me know!

(Nigel Brown) #3

+1 for this request

(Sebastian Wells) #4

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what is the mark down to change the background color in a text tile?

(philip.martinelli) #5

Hey @sebastian,

It’s not currently possible to edit the background color of a text tile within the text tile itself. I see how it would be a useful functionality though, and I’ll be sure to share it with the product team.

In the meantime, I have an idea that I’d like to share. Since you can use html to format results, I imagine you could define a dimension for a string literal and use html to format it. If the string literal has a lot of characters, I’m not sure how line breaks would be handled, but there may be ways to accommodate that depending on the dialect.

Philip M.

(Steve Black) #6

+1 for this

(Sebastian Wells) #7

Is there a dark mode for embedded dashboards?

(jeremy.eckman) #8

Hey @sebastian,

Are you asking if there is a dark color palate for embedding a dashboard? In the ‘Edit Embed Settings’ you can change some of the color settings for background colors and text tile colors. Does this address your needs? You can also email us if you have specific need that could be suggested to our product team.



(Jordan K) #9

+1 for this feature

(Kyle Rourke) #10

+1 for this option

(Tugrul) #11

+1 for this option

(Catherine Wang) #12

+1 for changing the background color for a text tile

(jack robbins) #13

+1 please add this

(Claire Genoux) #14

+1 for the feature

(diego.campos) #15

Thanks @Claire_Genoux for your comment, passing this to the team!

(Stewart Whitworth) #16

+1 - this has 3.2k views and is the first result for googling “Looker dark mode”

(diego.campos) #17

Passing that Stewart to the team as well, actually a very demanded feature indeed.

(James Eubank) #18

@diego.campos Any movement on this feature request?

(Peggy Beard) #19

@James_Eubank I will let the product team know that you’ve inquired!