How do i Expose my Model to other Users?

Mt dashboard when viewed by another user, he doesn’t see the data and gets the ‘Model Not Found’ Error. When i close my development mode and check same thing is occuring for me. I don’t see any option of sharing my model to a common space.

I have created a project on my own and created a new model and consumed it in my dashboard. Any insights on what i am missing here?

Hey Ram! It sounds like you haven’t yet committed/pushed to production. Looker uses a git workflow for development, so when you mess around with your code, at first, you’re the only one who can see it (In your Development mode). This prevents you from breaking production code when you’re testing things out.

If you commit those changes and push them to production, only then will everyone be able to see them. There’s a button in the IDE that should look like this: image

See this for more:

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Thanks Izzy! Solved my issue :slight_smile: