How do dashboard field_filters populate with values?

(Zachary Michel) #1

The declaration of a field_filter will look something like:

- name: my_descriptive_name
  label: 'The Label to be Displayed'
  type: field_filter
  explore: the_explore_for_the_suggested_values
  field: the_view_with_the_desired_dimension.the_dimension_that_holds_the_values

The logic tree that Looker takes in order to auto-populate the suggestible values is as follows:

  1. Find the the explore within the model this dashboard is included in
  2. Using all relevant joins, traverse to the field declared
  3. Perform a
    SELECT (DISTINCT the_view_with_the_desired_dimension.the_dimension_that_holds_the_values)
    including relevant joins from the `the_explore_for_the_suggested_values``

(alison1) #2

Anyone working on this may also want to reference Performance Considerations with Suggest Filters for information about suggestions: and suggestable:.