How can I migrate Project and Git settings to new deploys?

For information on setting up Looker with Git, see this page in our documentation.
For information on using Git with Looker, see this page in our documentation.

Hi, everyone!

We just switched to using a MySQL backend and recently upgraded to 4.2. It’s been great!

However, we’d like to make future upgrades and redeploys as easy as possible. We have our settings and reports in MySQL, and our models in BitBucket. But when started the Looker service on a new server connected to the MySQL backend, it wasn’t quite ready to go. We still needed to re-point Looker to our models in BitBucket, which was accomplished by copying over the models directories. (This is also implied in the Creating Backups documentation.)

Instead, we’d love to see the new deployed Looker know all about the projects and their Git configuration. That way, it could clone the repos so that the models and user branches re-appear on the new server.

Is this configuration stored in MySQL somehow? Is there any post-processing step we can do to set this up? Or perhaps this could go into future release.

I love how easy it is to upgrade Looker, but being able to automatically transfer our models from git into the new server instance would be a huge help, too.


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I was told this is explicitly not supported yet, but there’s a feature request now for it. We’d love it too! We’d like to even be able to specify Git SSH keys for Looker to use the very first time.

@gregono We’re discussing internally a more appropriate way to store git configurations as well as keys for the handshake. The idea we’re chasing after currently is to store all that info in the metadata db, although that would still require you’re copying the project from the previous deploy.

One thing to mention is that when moving from one server to another we recommend running a complete rsync of the looker dir, that way you get the .ssh directory + all the models directories.

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Hello Looker, are there any updates on this topic?

Our company is interested in setting this up again.