How can I Join Views from multiple models

Hi dears,

I hope i can find a solution or even a work-around to my problem, as I’ve already searched the community for similar problems and unfortunately I’ve found no valid answer till end of 2018.

I’ve created 4 models with 3 different connection to 3 different Databases [The main reason for creating 3 different data bases is security as different person handle each database and so we are limiting access to other DBs]



Explores are working fine if I queried data only from the same Model , But when I try to join data from different Models together I get the following error message:

After searching the community and the documentations, I have discovered the the error message appears because I query data from multiple connections and the model can only use one connection.

My Question:
I believe that getting data from multiple sources in a very normal practice, So how can Looker join these Data sources together while insisting on not talking to multiple connection at same time?

Is there a solution or a work-around for that ?

Appreciate your swift assistance please :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

Hey Hisham,

I’ve yet to find anything to accomplish what you’re after with the exception of Merge Results, which I don’t recommend because results may be unpredictable, and users are highly likely to design them incorrectly.

With that said, I’m an advocate for centralizing your sources within a singular warehouse for Looker to point at in turn (and apply the permission layer there, which can be restricted by model). I understand you have three DBs for security, but could you treat those DBs as ‘staging’ tables and port them over to a new central DB containing all the tables, and then user attributes would take you the rest of the way? I understand this feels unnecessarily complicated, but will trivialize the effort required to do what you’re after almost immediately.

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Hi Ben

Thanks for your reply, Mostly i will take your advice below,