Is there a guide to building histograms in looker?


You’re best off making use of the Tier field type, in conjunction with a “count” type field and a bar chart. The only issue being that you need to manually build the ‘bins’ for your histogram in your tiered dimension.

Another solution is to make use of parameters to dynamically generate the tiers as described here. This will allow you to dynamically change the size of the bins to get the best viz (but still won’t automatically determine the best for you).

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Looker does not offer a histogram at this time.

However, Looker column charts essentially double as histograms- they should fulfil any histogram needs! You can take a look on an example here:


Also @powellandy replies are valid options to explore (Thanks!)

I am letting the Product team know that you’d like an histogram option.

Please let us know anytime in case you have any further question.

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Thanks Andrew!

Thanks Diego!

+1 for the histogram feature… an advanced analytics platform without a histogram feature isn’t exactly advanced is it ?

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Moving this over to the Feature Requests section to be officially tracked. Make sure to throw a vote on it! Thanks for the feedback, Xavier.

Heavy +1 from our company

+1 from us too.

In fact, I’m sure I +1ed this in a different place a while back… :slight_smile:

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+1 here too!