Hide Options under gear icon on embedded query

We are using /embed/query/… to embed looker inside an iframe in parent application. This results in a grid with a header row containing

  • when was the query executed
  • gear icon with options to save, schedule, reset and refresh the report
  • a spaces icon

I was able to suppress spaces icon and a few options under gear icon by limiting Permissions. However, I am still not finding a way to remove the query execution time and option ‘Remove fields and filters’ under the gear icon.

As we want a very tightly controlled environment, these limitations are critical. Please let us know if there is a way to control them without using post render java scripts


Hi Girish -

Thanks for your message. At present, we don’t have the ability to hide the query execution time or the ‘remove fields and filters’ option, so it looks like you would indeed need to go down the post-render java script route.

I’m going to let the Product team know that having this ability would be of benefit to you.


Gavin, can you clarify what do you mean by post-render java script route? You cant really access content in an embedded iframe from a parent web-application.
How does one remove/hide a mostly empty header row in a Looker dashboard embedded via an iframe?

I’m also not 100% sure of what the post-render javascript route’d be there. What you can do to eliminate those fields (and this is super hacky, I know) is to just slap a <div> on there that’s the same color as the dashboard background and cover them up. I’ve seen people do this and have it work.

You’re right that you can’t really modify the iframe, but since you own the parent page, you can do whatever you’d like there, including putting white-out on the dashboard with blank html objects if you’d like.

Thanks Izzy! I agree that overlaying a div over some portion of an iframe is indeed hacky, but most importantly, it doesnt achieve what we want, which is to get rid of that nearly empty header entirely :slight_smile:

I wish Looker would enable its Embedded Looker users to only embed things that are important to them, which is charts and graphs. Dashboard titles, update times and all this jazz can be displayed directly on the parent web application

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Aah I see what you mean.

That’s totally valid— Currently, if customers want that level of customization they tend to build out their own charts and feed it from the Looker API, but having iFrames be more modular would be really nifty.

Just realized that I wrote iframe with the capital F like it’s an apple product, haha.