Hide gear icon in embed iframe

(Young Zhao) #1

In a embed looker iframe, Is there a way to hide the gear icon on the upper right corner?


(Izzy) #2

I can think of two ways to get that gear out of the picture-- One is to just remove all the permissions that relate to it. If you don’t grant users download or schedule permissions, I don’t believe that gear will appear anymore.

Another option, if you wanted to maintain those permissions, would be to place another <div> with the same background color as the dashboard on the page containing the iframe, and use that to cover up the gear- Hacky, but it’d work to get rid of it!

(Young Zhao) #3


Thanks! The second option works, but like you said it is hacky.

Regarding the first option, where can I “don’t grant users download or schedule permissions”. Can I do it in the iframe url query param? I am using SSO embedding.

(gavin.wims) #4

The download and schedule permissions (and all the other permissions) are passed to the users in the SSO Embed URL as parameters. If you omit the permissions relating to downloading and scheduling (you can see which ones these are by looking at the definitions of the permissions here), the cog should not be visible in the iframe.

(Izzy) #5

Yup, @gavin.wims hit the nail on the head!

(Young Zhao) #6

@gavin.wims, @izzy Awesome. Thanks guys!