H:mm loops round in 24 hours, how can I get 15:00 + 15:00 to sum as 30:00 instead of getting 24:00

(Daniel Glover Silk) #1

Hi All,

I am having trouble getting time data to show as I want.

Currently, I have the number 900 as my tracked number (900 minutes = 15 hours)

If I divide by 1440.0 I get 15:00 which is what I want.

However when I then have that measure across multiple results the total always comes back with a number under 24:00 no matter how many rows I have.

I have tried bringing the results back in the LookML and as a calculation of the measure but both to no avail.

Would appreciate any support.

Thank you.



The Podium — April 18th, 2019
(Paul Wadsworth) #2

Note sure if it helps, but I have measures set up like:

measure: sum_total_duration {
type: sum
sql: ${TABLE}.TotalDurationSeconds / 86400.0 ;;
value_format: “[h]:mm:ss”

And that would correctly display 30:00:00


(Daniel Glover Silk) #3

This is perfect and has resolved my issue!

Thank you.