Grid on dashboard edit mode


(Nolan) #1

I would like to suggest how helpful a “grid background” on dashboards during “Edit Mode” would be for laying out tiles in a consistent way. This would make it easier to ensure that tiles are the same size and/or laid out on the same horizontal / vertical grid.

Or perhaps there’s a suggestion for how to do this better as an end-user.

(Deepika) #2

Hi @nolan-ga

Thanks for passing on this feedback.
There is not currently a way to generate uniform tile sizes in the UI of User Defined Dashboards, however will be happy to pass this feedback on to the product team.

However, a possible workaround for this would be to convert this UDD to a LookML dashboard, add sizing parameters (found here to the dashboard elements (to make them a uniform size), and then convert it back to a UDD if needed.


(Nolan) #3

Thanks for the suggestion! I have used that tactic, namely when I create a dashboard with multiples of a tile, each with a slightly different filter or measure (essentially a faceted / small multiple), which works pretty well.

For this, I was hoping you could make visible the snap-to-grid that already exists on the UI dashboard edit view.

I appreciate you sharing with the product team! Thanks!