Google+ API Shutdown and Looker Google Auth


(Jason Morrison) #1

Hello! Google is shutting down the Google+ API starting January 28, 2019. It looks like one endpoint in that API (plus.people.get) is used by Looker as part of the Google Auth flow. I can confirm in the Google Developer Console that our credentials we issued for Looker are making calls to this API endpoint. We are using 6.2.22.

Docs on the API shutdown:

Is this a known issue with documentation I should follow along with somewhere? Thanks!

(Izzy) #2

I’m working on getting someone extra familiar with this to chime in, but figured I’d give a quick reply in the meantime.

We’re very much aware of this internally and have a few solutions in mind, which will ideally be ‘transparent’ (meaning no impact to you, the customer) and simply involve changing the backend processes for authentication. More to come!

(Jason Morrison) #4

Thanks Izzy!

Sorry, I didn’t clarify - we are a self-hosted on-prem user, so for this part:

It seems totally reasonable from our perspective that this’d be a hotfix or part of an upcoming release.

(Seller Labs) #5

me too. Any update?

(Jonathan Palmer) #6

I’m also interested to hear what the plan is. Doesn’t look to me like there’s any mention of this in the 6.4 release notes.

(Erik) #7

Info I got from chat:

Changes are currently being made, and we will be using Google Sign-In instead, from Looker 6.6. No action needed from your side, the changes will be seamless for you as we’re hosting your instance :slight_smile:

(Izzy) #8

Yup, @er1k’s correct. It’ll be mentioned in the 6.6 release notes. If you’re self-hosted like @jasonm, we’ll be communicating with you to get updated and keep everything seamless.