Gitlab integration with repo in group

(Simon Clark) #1

We’re migrating to self hosted Gitlab (from Bitbucket) and this morning I’ve been trying to configure this. Our repository is within a group so the git URL is like:

When I tried to set this up in Looker it seems that the group gets stripped so it’s just, then the git connection test gives me a deploy key auth error.

I managed to make it work by telling Looker it’s a custom git connection - this preserves the group in the URL but means we can’t use the full git integration with links to history/blame/merge requests.

Any ideas? This seems like a common situation and I’ve used an on-prem Gitlab instance with Looker before and it was working great (though I didn’t set it up!)


(conrad) #2

I believe this is fixed in the most recent Looker release 6.12

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(Simon Clark) #3

Thanks @conrad, good to know. I don’t see this mentioned on the release notes post, though.


(conrad) #4

That was a miss on my part. Thanks for pointing it out. We’ll be updating the release notes to include this change.

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