GET/api/3.0/looks all_looks returns deleted looks


(Dimitri Masin) #1

Hi All,
GET/api/3.0/looks all_looks() seems to return all the looks but there seems to be no flags in the returned object which would indicate whether a look still exists or not. Also not when I retrieve the individual look via the API.

Is there a way to find this out via the API?


(diego.campos) #2

Hi Dimitri,

You can use the search_looks endpoint instead to find Looks which have been deleted as long as the trash has not been emptied. This can be done by supplying a deleted = true parameter to the endpoint. This endpoint parameter is documented here:


(Dimitri Masin) #3

Hey @diego.campos, please ignore me. I’ve just realised the the unofficial python sdk returns a truncated " LookWithQuery" object when using the method stated in my original post.
Feel free to delete this thread.