Generating email alerts for metric levels


(sorry, hope this is in the right category)

So I’ve got various Looks contained in a dashboard. Is there a way for me to send email/slack alerts only when the most recent value for a particular measure in a look goes above/below a certain threshold?


(Ben Silverstein) #2

I think right now, the only conditional send options you have are the following:

I feel like with some creativity you could probably do this by linking the criteria with a yesno field (i.e. (total_sales > 400000), adding that yesno as a filter, and selecting either yes or no on the Look. Then, scheduling it to send only if there are results would provide that conditionality.

I should also mention I’m pretty sure Looker showed a slide deck indicating that proper conditional scheduling is in the pipeline, which I’m very excited for!



Thanks Ben, that makes sense. Agreed, that conditional scheduling would be a great help! Thanks again