Font size in table visualizations

Hi All - does anyone know if there is an easier way to make the font size larger by default within a table visualization? The only workaround I’ve found to date was to use liquid HTML which looked something like this in the lookML:

html: <div style="font-size:{{ font_size._value }};">{{ value }}</div>;;

Ideally we could just set the formatting at the table level instead of having to do it at the dimensions level.



Hi @Dan,

Thanks for reaching out. It is not currently possible to adjust font size at the table visualization level, currently html formatting within the fields themselves is the recommended approach for controlling font size, color, etc. For example: html: <font size="5">{{value}}</font> ;;
I will certainly let our product team know that you would like to see this capability.



I would also like this feature. It seems to be pretty standard in other BI tools.

Any workaround to set this in table calculations?

Also looking for a workaround here, I tried the html formatting in a table calculation without success

+1 here

Would be really nice to control font size in table visualizations, in an easier way than using liquid HTML.

Hey @Lucas_Ludewigs,

I was sure to relay this feedback to the product team on my end. Thanks for taking the time to provide the insight!



Hi @quinn.morrison,

Any update around this?

I assume still is not possible to define html for table calculations

Thanks so much!


Nope, still not possible Juan. I think it may be coming soon, though with our next version of the data table. It won’t be in the next version, but some time in the near future there should be more extensive formatting and font controls.

Thanks for the example. Is there a way to control font size of table headers not just the values?

Any estimated time for this (data table next version)?

Thank you!

The table-next is out in experimental beta right now, this particular component of it just hasn’t landed yet. I’m not certain when that will be, all I know is “future releases”.

Is there a feature request thread yet so we can vote for this functionality to maybe push it up in priority? I have visualizations up on big TVs here, and the font size and weight needs to be much heavier to be readable. Having to make separate versions of every field used on them is a pain.

I think this is that FR thread, it just never made it to the official section. There now!

I’d expect this to be in the next release. It looks like it narrowly missed being included in 6.16, but I’m playing with it right now! Keep on keepin’ on for Looker 6.18.

Hello izzy, I am reviewing the release notes for 6.18 and I do not see this. Do you know if it is going live soon?

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This line:

refers to the feature I was describing! Here’s a screenshot of what you can do with it: