Filtering by Calculation columns

(Jeremy) #1

Is it possible to filter by table calculations? I have a simple calculation at the end of my row that shows the highest value in the row (hundreds of data points). Now I want to filter on that calculation and only show rows with values above a certain threshold. How would I accomplish that?

One note, I have seen the method to filter “No’s” from visualizations but that won’t work in this instance. I need to pair down the data I’m working with before I go into visualization. My database would produce tens of thousands of data rows in not filtered first.


(Emma Ware) #2

Hi @Michman

It is not currently possible to filter on table calculations (outside of Hide "No"s from Visualization discussed in this Discourse), but I will let the Product team know that’s something you’d like to see!

In this use case, it sounds like the best option would be to define the table calculation as a measure, and then filter on that measure. Please let me know if you have any questions on this!

All the best,

Looker Support