Filter Heading in PDF

(Izzy) #21

At the risk of poking a sleeping bear of a feature request… I actually don’t believe we have changed anything yet on Looker’s side to remove the filter heading.

I just ran a few test PDF downloads and they all included the filter header-- is it possible that you’re downloading from an embedded context? Downloading an embedded dashboard lets you toggle off “Show Filters” in the Embed Settings and the PDF will respect that in the download, so maybe make sure that a. you’re not downloading an embedded dashboard and b. that toggle is set to on. (@dgroman1988, this should work for you too, in the reverse!)


(Dan Groman) #22

I will double check if that works for us, but historically it has not worked for our scheduled PDF’s regardless of if we toggle the filters.

(Izzy) #23

Oh yeah, I just checked: it works for downloads, but not for scheduling. I’ll raise that discrepancy internally and maybe a fix there will let you schedule without filters! Sorry for the false hope.