Federated Joins on Databases Hosted on Different Servers

I’m exploring the possibility of creating Explores by joining tables from databases hosted on different physical machines. Judging from this article, Looker recommends performing the federated join at the database level (which is not possible in my case).

However, Looker also offers the Merged Results feature, which appears to do what I’m looking for but appears to be intended for one-off tasks. Is there a way to create merged results in LookML and save them in a model as an Explore? Is there any other mechanism that I can use to create joins from different connections?

Thanks for any help!


I think that there is no workaround in Looker to join tables from different databases on different machines.
So I think it has to be done on db level (or using some ETL tools). Some databases offer possibilities like linked server to connect between databases.